Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Impact Of Navigating Through A Wrong Turn

It was one of this trips that I cannot easily forget. It never occurred to me that such a trip could veer my life to a totally different direction. It was middle of July and I was a little bored. I searched for places to visit for a few hours in the map and found a small village that had scenic beauty and great tasting roasted corn. I put on my jacket and took my bag to ride to that place. I don’t what struck me at that moment that I took my bag for the place which was only 75 mins away from my place.

I got out of my place and rode to the village. The weather was nice and sun was shining bright. I was planning to reach the village by evening and enjoy the sunset with roasted corn. After 30 minutes of riding I stopped at a small tea stall and had a cup of tea. Although sun was shining but the atmosphere was a little cool because it rained last night.

After finishing my tea I waited there for 5 minutes before resuming my journey and also confirmed about the directions with the tea maker. Again I hit the road and reached my destination. There were not many individuals present at that place at that time. The sunset was awesome and rainbow also appeared in the sky to add to the beauty of the place. The view was a picturesque.

I waited there for 40 minutes and enjoyed my corn by that time everyone were gone. I was alone and the sky was changed color from red to black. It was time to head back home and I put on helmet to ride. It took more kicks for my bike to start but finally it did start. I loved the feel of cool wind through my face. I was enjoying my ride. I took a turn that changed my path. It took a wrong turn and rode into the unknown. The vegetation around became thick and saw only few vehicles passing and that too in long time. It rode for some time and found something was fishy. I looked at my watch and I was shocked because I was riding from past 45 minutes.

I knew I was lost and had taken a wrong turn. I turned around and started riding back to the place where I took the wrong turn. There was no mobile connection at that place, not even to make any call. I rode cautiously and my bike stopped with few hiccups. I kicked again and again but nothing happened. I was sure that I had noticed a small temple on the way and pulled my bike till that temple. I parked my bike to the side of the temple and entered there. There was a saint inside the temple. I approached him and asked if there was any mechanic nearby. He said there is a person but he would have closed his shop. He asked me to stay in the temple for the night. I was a little hesitant but agreed. He prepared dinner for both and us and I helped him with that.

I asked him how you live in such a remote place. He smiled and replied “what seems remote to you is home to me.” He explained his answer in a little detail. He said see there are animals in the forest and there are animals in the city too. Will those animals who live in forest call the animals that live in city as remote? They cannot say that because those animals live perfectly in harmony with the urban ecosystem. We make our choices and should stick to that. If you like where you are and what you do then you are in that ecosystem. You live in real ecosystem when you live in a place and you live in a virtual ecosystem when you live with the thought, doing the things that you like. You share that virtual space with the individuals of your kind.

That conversation pointed out a lot more profound meaning in life. It referred to the difference that we have in our society and when that difference is mocked. There will always be difference and people will have their ecosystem but if they are comfortable with that and you don’t have any right to judge or make statements about them. You cannot ask fish to leave waters just because your ecosystem is different from hers.

That conversation with him gave a very profound meaning to my life and my ideology. We talked for some more time over other topics and went to sleep. He woke me up and introduced me to the mechanic. I got my bike repaired and thanked the saint for his help and for the knowledge that he has given to me about life. Kicked start my bike and came back home with a better picture about life.

I navigated my way to life by taking a wrong turn.

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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Music- An Expression

Music has always remained an important aspect of my life. It is like a friend to whom I can turn to at any point. Music has been like a therapy for me. Music appeals to me without language and it does not matter much to me if I am able to understand the lyrics of any song or not. I am a blogger and know what is the importance of words but when it comes to music I don’t really need words. I am not at all comparing two arts of music and writing with each other. If it wouldn’t have appreciated writing I guess I wouldn’t have been writing this post about it.

When I was a kid I did not watch music shows. I did not had any kind of inclination towards music. My sister and I would fight over it. She would want to watch music channels and I wouldn’t conform to that idea. I would switch off the TV and run away to avoid getting caught and beaten up. Slowly I started liking it and felt increasing affection for it. I started enjoying it and really liked listening to music.

With the developed affinity I wanted to explore about this awesome art and started listening to various styles of music. I switched back and forth from classical to rock to pop to R&B and various others. I liked most of them. They were all appealing in a different way and really refreshing. I don’t have much knowledge about music but I can without any doubt say that music is an expression.

I cannot say that you would love any kind of music all the time. It does depend on situation and the whole setting. If you are in a discotheque and hear Gazals playing, will that be the right kind of music for the setting. Music should also match with the setting and situation.

Music is an expression because it express various emotions. Like how peppy songs are right for the disco atmosphere in the same way devotional or delightful songs are light atmospheres. When the music conforms to your mood that is when it start to work as a therapy. Music suiting your mood would not interfere into your actions and thought and it would align itself with your situation. With the right kind of music you can think straight.

We see individuals listening to sad songs after break ups and the reason for it is the sad music conforms to the situation of the listener. Music becomes part of their situation and starts to work like a therapy for them. Music becomes a friend and brings them out of their gloomy situations. Music has so many dimensions and the more you explore the more you understand about it the more you will fall in love with it.

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Building Fantastico Nation

India is a land of colors and has an enigma associated with her. When people listen to the word India they start to picture something out of this world. They picture colors, Bollywood, Appu from Simpsons, Gandhi and a lot of other things. One of those things about which they picture is the backwardness. They picture the same India as has been shown in Slumdog Millionaire.

People picture cows on roads and litter everywhere. They picture poverty and inhabitable human conditions. I will not put blame on the Hollywood for creating that picture of India because if you go out of your house you would see the roads littered. You would notice that people are sitting on the road begging for their livelihood. It is not something that Hollywood has created but it is a reality. We have holy cows sitting on the road and blocking traffic.

India has a lot of potential and has been reiterated numerous times not just on the national stage but on various international platforms by international personalities. To come out of that Image of backward third world country we need to work hard. We are working hard and have shown improvement but it is not just enough. We got to keep on working on our weak areas. We got to get out of our comfort zone and experiment for the betterment of the nation.

Nation is made of its citizens. When people will starts to stand for their rights and perform their duties that is the time the wheels of growth for a nation starts to churn. If we become serious and start to put in efforts to bring the positive change in the society then there is nothing that can stop our nation from waking to up to a better tomorrow.

Everyone knows what Indians are capable of and how fantastic they are. Time and again India and Indians have proved their mettle on the world stage. To become great we need effort from not just one but from everyone. There was a famous dialogue from the movie “No nation is perfect, we got to make it perfect”. We got to work on that philosophy.

Our nation is great and fantastic. We are example of tolerance and have rich culture. We are leaders in the world of spirituality and make individuals healthy with our Yoga. We are known for smartness all around the world. If we would employ our talent and smartness for building our nation how fantastic we can become.

The road to become a fantastico nation is not easy but it is also not impossible for us to become a great inspiring nation. Take a pledge that you will do your part and would not deter from performing your duties. We will do it for our nation and for ourselves. Let’s make this nation a fantastico nation. 

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Monday, 1 February 2016

Impact Of Teachers

Ravi was a shy and average student in class. He was not only average in studies but in other departments too. He was okay in sports, co-curricular and academics. He lacked in one thing which was expressing him. He did not have any opinion. He seemed kind of lost in the small world that he built. When he would go out with friends he will open up a little but not much.

He never volunteered for anything and also never did he say no to the responsibility given to him. Whatever job given to him, he will surely be complete it without any issues. Even if he wouldn’t want to do something and you assign that task to him he would sit down and start doing it without any complaint.

He was a different person all together. You can make fun of him and he would just smile politely and would reply sometime without much of humor. One day there was a test in class and he forgot that and scored 2 marks out of 10. He was mocked for his marks but it did not bother him. Although the test was very simple, he did not care much about the marks. He was the only one to fail in that test.

The subject teacher asked if anyone failed in the test and he stood up. Teacher got infuriated and insulted him in front of the whole class. His teacher said he was nothing but a burden for the society and would never achieve anything. That particular sentence of his teacher hurt him. He did not say a word and accepted whatever teacher said. After that day he dived into books and in the final exam he was in the top 10 scoring students.

He indulged in sports and excelled there. He was selected for intra school team for volleyball. He continued to work hard in studies and secured ranks in tests. Even in the surprise tests he would do great. He was still polite and good to others. He would accept anything you tell him and would always be there for you.

His results not only in academics but in curricular showed that he has changed. His classmates started approaching him for doubts and he would solve them without any attitude. He worked his way up the ladder and continued to impress individuals with his marks, sports and most importantly his nature. It was actually his teacher that brought that change in him.

Teachers no matter how tough are will always set you straight. They are the ones who guide you and inspire you. They might not put arm around your shoulder and advise you but they will somehow make sure you understand the importance of life.

Impact of teacher is not only on individuals but on the society. It was just story of Ravi but there are many Ravi who make up the society and there will always be teachers behind Ravi.

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Sunday, 31 January 2016

50th Blog Post- Impact Of Blogging


The much awaited feat for my blog has arrived. This is 50th blog post and it feels great and awesome to me. It feels as if I have achieved something. This blog post makes me feel confident about myself. It is that point where I feel a little transformed when it comes to writing. I never thought I would reach this figure of 50 blog posts. I never even thought I will be able to keep my blog alive. It is that milestone from where I can proudly say that I am a blogger although lesser known.

There was a time in my life I used to write for myself and never thought of turning to blog and sharing those thoughts and ideas with others. With support from other bloggers and constant motivation they provided I was able to achieve this feat.

During this journey one moment was very distinct from others and that moment was when I registered on Indiblogger. I heard about this website from someone close and started blogging. I will be very open about my writing in this blog. If you would have noticed my blog and different blog posts then you will mainly see posts related to contests or for advertizing. There are very few posts that I have written without any greed. These posts made me realize that even I can write. It gave me new dimension to think and write.

You might have noticed that my blog has no niche skill and no visitors or subscribers as such and one of main reasons for it is the greed. I wouldn’t advise anyone to indulge into anything just because of greed but for me it was a blessing in disguise. I wrote blogs mainly for competitions now I am stung. I have enjoyed writing but now with blog I have got a platform to express myself.

I love the freedom and now I will blog more often about the stuff that appeal to me apart from the competitions. I will devote more time and spend more of my time to indulge in thing that I love a lot which is writing. I will still stick to the same style of blogging, which is random. I will write about the things I want to and would share my views on various subjects. I will dwell under a roof of niche but will continue to spread my views, thoughts, ideas and my takes on various aspects of life or about anything.

I will write about the things I feel about and will make myself and my views visible to others. I will embrace the freedom and will fly with pen between my fingers in the world of writing. Blogging has had a huge impact on me and I will not quit on this for any cost.

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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Fantastico Human Beings

Many a times we see individuals trying to be someone they are not. They forget their true identity. They run for something they are not and even when they get there they only try to adjust. Life is not about adjusting but it is about living. They forget to live in the effort to become someone else.

We all are different and have different ideologies and that is what makes us fantastic. We all are not same and that is what has made us what we are. We have the ability to argue, which is sign of different thought process. If we would have never had our different thought processes then how life would have been. Our growth will halt the moment we all agree on something because that is when we would accept everything as the same. We would be stuck in the same monotonous life. This quality to think and apply logic of our own makes us fantastic beings.

When we try to become someone else that is the time we leave our ideology and our thought process. We all are fantastic beings and should stay the same way we are created. Our aim is to live life and contribute to the society the way we want.

If the human of Paleolithic era wouldn’t have experimented much with their lives then we all would have never got out of caves to houses. We are what we are not because of efforts a single individual but it is a combined effort. Everyone has done something for the society and if we stay the same we are then also we are making a decision for our life and for the generations that are going to come.

We all are fantastic individuals and there is no reason for you or for anyone to become someone you are not. If you are living in a cloak borrowed from someone than that is not worth living. Live with your identity, live with the thought you believe in. If Einstein would have tried to be someone else would we have got that rock star of scientist world or if Mozart would have followed someone else’s shadow would he have been able to shower the world with such beautiful melodies.

If you have a kid then go to him and tell him that he will not become the next Einstein or next Mozart or not Picasso but he would become the first. His achievement will not be put under the shadow of someone else. He would be have his own identity and will not live under an alias. He achieved the feat because he had a different thought process to achieve it.

Human beings are truly fantastico beings, so remain different and fantastic. Be fantastic in your own way and live a fantastic life. 

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Navigate To Happiness


Today I saw her sail out of my life. She went far and her appearance started getting small on the horizon and then suddenly she disappeared over the horizon of future. I wait here to have one more glimpse of her. With every wave touching my feet I can feel her. I can feel her presence in the water. The water in the sea holds still for a moment and stares at me and then breaks his gaze into a huge tide and drenches me on the shore and mocks me. But he does not know that when his water hits me I feel presence of her over my body.

I walk on the shore then stop and look over the horizon to see something moving, in a hope that it is she coming back to me but it is not she but someone else. I see her struggle to with the waves, I see her disappear and reappear over the back drop of blue skies. I see her come closer but still struggling with the sea but she somehow fights it out and come closer with every wave.

She navigates through the hard waters and opposite winds, she gets pushed to the horizon but she stays in sight. She tries different routes, different strategies to navigate to the shore but tides are also determined. Now it has become a game where she is trying to reach the shore but sea is also not backing down.

It starts to rain and the sea laughs and roars. He mocks her courage and thumps her with a huge wave but after spending so much time with the sea she has also learned how to navigate out of his blows. He strikes again and but she dodges him. With every dodge she comes closer to the shore. Her face becomes clearer as she comes closer to the shore and I can see she is not the one who left me at the shore.

At last she navigates to the shore and suddenly sea becomes calmer. She gets out of her boat and steps on the shore and that is the moment I stop to feel her presence in the water touching my feet. I turn to her and she smiles. I ask but you are not her to which she says, you were feeling my presence in the sea all this time. She said when she left you at the shore I entered the sea from other side of the horizon. You could see her but you were feeling my presence in the waters.

You wanted to stick to the past and memories that is why you felt as if you were feeling her but it was me your future whom you were feeling. I am the happiness that you have been long waiting for. I fought the harsh sea and navigated through unfavorable winds to get to you.

Her words were enough to make me realize and I accepted her and we sailed through the sea called life hand in hand.

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